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Dicovery of the week: Benjamin Netanyahu + Angela Merkel = Hitler mustache. Have a nice weekend!

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I am a appreciator of the slow movement – not only because I am by nature a slow eater, slow drinker and a person who needs a lot of sleep – it also embraces a notion lost in this so modern and high-speed world: Anticipation. Great things in life just take some time and those brilliant ideas just need a moments of peace.

While I do very much appreciate high-speed Internet – maybe some other things in life need a bit more of our undivided attention.

Not convinced? Well here is a good article about it, where prominent futurists were asked to explain why slowness might be as important to the future as speed.
Oh – and should I mention that the article is also accompanied by beautiful illustrations by Mark Weaver  =)

Enjoy & Happy Friday!

Hurry Up and Wait - an Illustration from Mark Weaver

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