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I am a appreciator of the slow movement – not only because I am by nature a slow eater, slow drinker and a person who needs a lot of sleep – it also embraces a notion lost in this so modern and high-speed world: Anticipation. Great things in life just take some time and those brilliant ideas just need a moments of peace.

While I do very much appreciate high-speed Internet – maybe some other things in life need a bit more of our undivided attention.

Not convinced? Well here is a good article about it, where prominent futurists were asked to explain why slowness might be as important to the future as speed.
Oh – and should I mention that the article is also accompanied by beautiful illustrations by Mark Weaver  =)

Enjoy & Happy Friday!

Hurry Up and Wait - an Illustration from Mark Weaver

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More and more metropolis cities fight with pollution. Air pollution, noise pollution… and visual pollution.
The major of São Paulo felt that everything was going out of hands with that and decided to do something about it. His solution might seem drastic for most: He outlawed outdoor advertisement in September 2007. Billboards, shop signs and posters were banned from this town!

After all the billboard have been taken off, the advertisement on delivery truck were painted off the city of São Paulo was visible again – and 70% of the residents in the city appreciated this change.

The people who were more upset about this change were in the advertisement industry – and they had to find out how to adapt.
Advertisement became subtler in the city and buildings became colourful – painted in the colour of the brand itself, without showing a specific logo.

For the small business it was surely a game changer, since word of mouth became more relevant than having the money to pay for a huge billboard at the high way exit. The residents itself appreciate that the service levels in the shops increased dramatically.

São Paulo can give us an example on how to make advertisement less polluting and more sustainable.
An example we can maybe already today adapt to, so that we don’t suffocate our cities with visual pollution and take our responsibility as graphic designers and advertisement agencies.

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Breathing good air is key to a sharp mind and creative thoughts.

It is though sometimes not easy to find all the fresh air you need in an office.
At addLemon we decided besides opening our doors, to also keep plants, which are one of the highest oxygen producers during the day.
Our Areca Palms remove the CO2 from the air and convert it to Oxygen. At the same time they also give a nice colour contrast to the addLemon purple.

If you don’t get any fresh air at all, you will need 4 shoulder high Areca Palms and they produce all the oxygen during the day you need!
The researcher Kamal Maettle from India did a wonderful TED talk about it.

Check it out to hear more about growing your own fresh air!

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Death by Train is a far too common problem in our modern days of transportation methods.
In Germany this is such a big problem, that every train driver knows, he has to expect to run over at least 2 people in their entire career – they do have a sanatorium specifically for traumatized train drivers.

This is a serious problem! To prevent things like that to happen there are different methods. Some countries decide for example to make a clear separation between train and passengers on the platforms by sliding doors. Effective, but very expensive.

Melbourne Metro Systems is facing this problem as well and they knew they needed to do something.
The Melbourne based advertisement agency McCann found a way to get safety messages to those people who usually don’t want to listen to them.

In November 2012 the award-winning public service campaign “Dumb Ways to Die ” was launched – and shortly after it got viral, with over 28 million YouTube hits in the first week. The success was surprising for everyone. The outdoor posters became collectors items and in May 2013 they launched and iPhone & iPad app.

The campaign itself addresses not only “Dumb Ways to Die” on train stations/ rails, but creates also awareness of the danger of poking a grizzly with a stick or the consequences of using your private parts as piranha bait…

In general the campaign reminds a bit of Happy Tree Friends but without the annoying highly repetitive tune.

In the end “Dumb Ways to Die” is so far the most shared public service campaign in history and according to Melbourne Metro trains, the campaign contributed to a more than 30% reduction in “near-miss” accidents. A success through and through! Thumbs up Melbourne Metro & McCann!

For the rest of you enjoy – and don’t forget to pledge to stay safe around trains.

dumbways_grizzly dumbways1_fire dumbways2_space dumbways7_toaster dumbways6_rattlesnake dumbways5_piranha dumbways4_moose dumbways3_kidney

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Et kig ind i fremtiden?

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Først var det Zupa Rec og nu er det Lyhne Co der har fræk legestue… sjovt.



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Being a full supporter of the slow-movement, I soon got fascinated by the replica super sports cars from Johannes Langeder (Han-Lan).

The FERDINAND GT3 RS is a tandem bicycle mounted inside a replica carousel of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS.
Construction of Ferdinand GT3
Han-Lans MT Racing Team “Millionaires Snail Luxury” currently consists of 3 cars.
The Fahrradi FFX, the Ferdinand GT3 and the Veyron U.C.


The cars are currently in a museum, but are regularly on events where the can be test driven.

Enjoy the ride!

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Vi ved alle at universet er stort. Men hvor stort er det egentligt, og hvor store er vi i forhold til det?
Tag et kik på denne og scroll dig igennem celler, mennesker, dinosaurer, planeter og galakser.

Ret sjovt, spændende og skræmmende på samme tid. God weekend

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